Welcome to Showmedia Studios

Showmedia Studios is the absolute best recording, pre-production, photo-shoot, and rehearsal studio complex located in Montreal.

Showmedia Studios operates at 1960 Parthenais, Montreal, QC, H2K 4M4 right south Ontario street. We are located at a walking distance from Frontenac and Papineau Metro stations. We have 3 very large Pre-Production Studios, 2 fully equipped Recording Studios, 1 Photo-Video Shoot Studio, and 10 Rehearsal Studios. Some of our studios may come with Sound and Light equipment. Feel free to contact us to get a quote for your needs! Our mission is to be the main home for artists in Montreal.

Why choose Showmedia Studios?

  • Our studios are accessible 24/7.
  • Our studios are air climatised and sound-proofed.
  • Our studios are secured with independant Alarm Systems.
  • Our studios come with Private Parking access.
  • We provide sound and light equipment on request.
  • Our studios come with all the facilities you will need.